Intention – Clint Lutes

Thank U Clint / For Your Writing / Documenting / Formulating / Teaching !


The project Störung/Hafraah is a wonderful challenge for me to engage my body focused training with my interest in working with people.  I feel that I am a sort of conduit of information right now, receiving and giving simultaneously through readings, teaching, moving and talking.  My dance training feeds philosophical discussions which in turn feed debates on engineering and robotics and science which feed a moment of liberation for someone suffering from Parkinson’s.  It’s wonderfully hectic.

After reading the book Deep In The Brain by Helmut Dubiel, I feel as though I have a better understanding of the horror of living with and treatment of Parkinson’s Disease (PD). The project Störung has been quite an intense journey thus far, arriving almost one month ago with minimal understanding of the disease and undergoing a sort of boot camp of exchanges and lectures ranging from philosophical approaches to the theme of intention…

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