Yoga in Airports? We’re All About It!


Here at Balance, we believe that yoga nourishes your body and soul.

However, it looks like it isn’t just us that believes this. It seems like everyone EVERYWHERE is catching onto our yoga craze, in that yoga is the best antidote to liven your soul.  According to this article posted by Boston Travel about “The Future of Travel” provided by SkyScanner, this yoga craze is hitting airports. Yes, you heard us right, AIRPORTS!

You know that delayed flight that stresses you out to the max? How about taking a yoga class to de stress you? Well, by 2024 you will be able to this. Just walk right out of the flight into a yoga class.

 Wait, but why yoga?  Yoga is considered a mind-body type of an alternative medicine practice. Yoga brings together physical & mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of mind, overall helping with stress reduction. In fact…

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