Next week Saturday, december 5th 2020 we´ll present our piece AMPLIFY via LIVESTREAM.

Also 48 hours after December 5th, 2020, 8pm CET, the live-streaming of AMPLIFY will be available as well as the donation option. 40% of the donations will go to upcoming livestream-projects. 60% come to us as a ticket-alternative.

This dance piece deals with the theses of the sociologist Hartmut Rosa. Within the dizzying time structures of a modern society the longing for real connection grows. How can this be cultivated? How can distance be overcome and resonance generated?

Amplify: a dance production whose premise is reduction.

Three bodies in a continuous flow of movement devotedly celebrate the repetition. The structures on the stage shift only slowly. Change takes time. Dance and sound composition establish a reduced universe that offers the viewer the opportunity to discover unexpected spectrums.

Concept: Silent Cosmonauts Kollektiv

Choreography | dance: Mathilde Bonte, Fiona Combosch, Ewelina Kotwa
Mentoring | costumes: Lea Kieffer
Dramaturgic support: Irene Carreño
Music: Fiona Combosch
Light: Natalie Stark

SÜDUFER Freiburg

DO 3.12 | 8 p.m. premiere (canceled due to COVID-regulations)
FR 4.12 | 8 p.m. (canceled due to COVID-regulations)
SA 5.12 | 8 p.m. >>> LIVESTREAMING at #inFreiburgzuhause…/Admission 
– in theater: 15 € / 11 € (reduced) / 20 € (support)
– online: donationFunded by: LaFt, Freiburg Cultural Office, LBBW, #inFreiburgzuhause

Partners: E-Werk Freiburg, tanznetz | freiburg

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