Art for me digs into the past as well as the future, is incomprehensibly interwoven with the time that is now. The society and its culture. The hands of the artist. Art in whatever form and established through whatever kind of (mixed) media, comes out of and opens up for that place called synesthaesia. Art lies as well in the perceptions of the receiver, the spectator, the audience, as it is present and presented in the work of art. In and of itself. Art starts with or within an idea. Becomes real in the realisation. Comes into being very spontaneously and intuitively. In the sparkles of the now. Art grows in and through everything that is already there. Here. All-around. Everywhere. Nowhere. Given. Received. Felt. Unfelt. Perceived. Unperceived. Art often points the invisible. Or asks a renewed vision of what became normal. Of what became fact in the each and everyday. Art is in the Body. Embodied. Mind.


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One of those many precious pregnancy adventures #Liam! #lovehimsomuch 
Painting & Photography 
by Kirsten Luna Sonneman