Workshops / Studies



Integrated Dance with Adam Benjamin, Barcelona
Choreographical Practice with Ives Thuwis, Basel
Acrobatic Partnering with Günther Klingler, Basel
Composition & Improvisation with Maya Lipsker, Freiburg
New Dance & Improvisation with Lilo Stahl, Freiburg/Basel
2012 – 2010
New Dance, Improvisation and Performance, Freiburg
Hofesh Shechter Company Intensive, New York
2010 – 2009
Manama Theatre Sciences, Antwerp
New Dance & Improvisation Bettina Helmrich & Oliver Lange, Freiburg
Training active art education, Wim Oris & Paul Thys, Louvain
Retina Dance Company, Filip van Huffel, Antwerp
Modern Contemporary, Marco Volta, Freiburg
Contemporary Dance 2nd Year, Alexandra Meijer, Dworp
Creative Working Methods Danslabo + Miriam Hemelsoet, Ghent
Dance for + with mentally disabled children & youngsters, Lucienne Swinnen, Herent
Motor-Ik, Inclusive and (Contact) Improvisation Intensive, Goele van Dijck & Bruno Caverna, Dworp
Contemporary Dance 1st Year Weekend Workshops, Ann Cailleau, Dworp
2007 – 2005
MA Social & Cultural Anthropology, Louvain
Diverse Courses in Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Improvisation, Folk Dance, Dance Meditation, Wheelchair Dancing, Inclusive or Integrated Dance, Moderne Dance etc. BE – FR
2005 – 2003
BA Eastern Languages and Cultures – Indology, Ghent
2003 – 1990
Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern Dance (Graham/Limón Technique), Bruges

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