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Integrated Dance with Adam Benjamin, Barcelona

Choreographical Practice with Ives Thuwis, Basel

Acrobatic Partnering with Günther Klingler, Basel

Composition & Improvisation with Maya Lipsker, Freiburg

New Dance & Improvisation with Lilo Stahl, Freiburg + Basel

2012 – 2010 New Dance, Improvisation and Performance @ TIP in Freiburg (DE)

2012 Hofesh Shechter Company Intensive, New York

2010 – 2009 Theatre Sciences (MANAMA) @ Antwerp University (BE)


New Dance & Improvisation Bettina Helmrich & Oliver Lange, Freiburg

TrAk Training Active Art Education Wim Oris & Paul Thys Louvain BE

Retina Dance Company, Filip van Huffel, Antwerp

Modern Contemporary, Marco Volta, Freiburg

Contemporary Dance 2nd Year, Alexandra Meijer, Dworp

Creative Working Methods Danslabo + Miriam Hemelsoet Ghent

Dance for and with Mentally Disabled Children and Youngsters Lucienne Swinnen, Herent

2007 – 2005 Social & Cultural Anthropology (MA) @ Louvain University (BE)


Motor-Ik Inclusive and (Contact) Improvisation Intensive Goele van Dijck & Bruno Caverna, Dworp

Contemporary Dance 1st Year Weekend Workshops Ann Cailleau, Dworp


Diverse Courses in Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Improvisation, Folk Dance, Dance Meditation, Wheelchair Dancing, Inclusive or Integrated Dance, Moderne Dance etc. BE – FR

2005 – 2003 Eastern Languages and Cultures – Indology (BA) @ Ghent University (BE)

2003 – 1990

Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern Dance (Graham/Limón Technique), Bruges

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